When you become a  member of the credit union a savings account is opened in your name. An initial deposit of $25 is required. All members must maintain a $25 balance in their savings account to remain a member, and demonstrate regular activity in their account to keep it open.

Other features of Regular Savings include:

  • A competitive interest rate paid quarterly on the average daily balance in your savings account. Click here for current rate information.
  • Withdrawals: To withdraw money from your savings account, simply stop by a credit union branch or go to an ATM terminal. Members may make up to five savings withdrawals per quarter free of charge. After five withdrawals in one quarter a $2 charge per excessive withdrawal is applied.
  • Quarterly statements by mail or estatements.
  • Payroll deduction: You may have deposits to your savings account deducted directly from your paycheck.
  • Youth Club: Children 0-12, $10 minimum deposit.
  • Teen Club: Children 13-17, $15 minimum deposit.

Once You have opened a savings account, you can also open an auxiliary savings account. Auxiliary savings accounts are very similar to regular savings accounts. The only difference is there is no minimum amount required to open the account.

If you have any other questions about regular savings accounts or auxiliary savings accounts at Valdosta Teachers' FCU, contact us.

Regular Savings